sick gifs & pics - tiring to hear you rant about how drummers need to 'smack the piss' out drums tho. you can be good and not play hard, tough guy

When starting out I couldn’t make my snare sound proper until I finally manned up and started spanking it. I had about 2 years of funk drumming under my belt at the time, I wasn’t the most fully developed player then but I knew a thing or two. 

In my honest opinion when it comes to rock drumming, yes. Hitting hard will always be better. Not saying a drummer in a rock band should completely disregard a song’s dynamics… But when a pay-off like a chorus or hook is kicking in (again depending on the song structure & genre), everyone loves feeling the drums. Nirvana likely wouldn’t have gotten as far if Dave Grohl didn’t smack the living shit out of his drums like he did during the intro of Smells Like Teen Spirit. 

When attending a festival and watching a band play up-beat/dancy songs in front of thousands of people, it pains me to see the drummer the least excited member.

Aside from the lead singer, a drummer having an ‘off day’ is the most noticeable to me. Thats just my two cents anyways. But thanks for the props man! Its greatly appreciated. 

*ps* - If you were referring to my Young The Giant gif, you can literally see the drummer lightly tapping away during the songs biggest moment…

Oh Geronimo!


Fresh new London folk band ‘Oh Geronimo’ live @ The Guest Room! 

Young The Giant Live @ Edgefest 2012


Young The Giant were pretty good but had a bad case of the radio hit blues. It wasn’t necessarily a one hit wonder, but the band was really lacking crowd reaction until ‘My Body’ and ‘Cough Syrup’ picked up the pace a bit. I heard a couple bros screaming “PLAY CALL ME MAYBE”. Not sure if it was a low-blow to the band or if they just thought they were funny… I think there were too many drunken bros and douchebags left lingering in the main stage crowd after U.S.S. Fuck U.S.S.

Rants aside, singer nailed it, bass player had some dub grooves here and there, and the lead guitar player was solid. Rhythm guitarist had no sound until the 3rd song, and their drummer was a biiiiiit of a pansy. We joked about his drumset being ridiculously expensive or something, but there is really nothing that could justify how light he was hitting those drums (you can even notice in this image, lol). Good sounding band, maybe find someone who acknowledges the thousands of people watching and smacks the piss out of their drum kit like they should haha.